• Samsung Galaxy Note Tips

    I have been using my Galaxy Note for a little while now, like you know.

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    Samsung Galaxy Note Tips

    Samsung Galaxy Note Tips

    And, I wanted to get comfortable with it, sort of learn it a bit, so I have been learning some nifty tricks on it and I want to share those with you today. This first one is a way of rearranging your widgets and icons on the homescreen using one hand. For this, you’ll need to go into the settings, motion, and enable motion activation. Then you long press on the widget or icon you want to move, tilt the phone to the left or the right and the different home screens will scroll behind the widget. You can drop the widget onto the home screen you want. To resize a widget on the home screen, Long press on the widget and yellow guidelines will appear, as well as a grey triangular handle at the widgets bottom corner. Use this handle to pull the widget to whichever size you want. It will snap to the closest of the yellow guidelines. This only works with the stock Samsung widgets like s-memo, at the moment. Two quick ways to take a screenshot on the Note. First method is to hold your hand sideways and swipe across the screen. Make sure you press down a little bit with your hand and don’t swipe too fast. This screenshot will be saved to your gallery. The second method is by using the s-pen. Press the control button on the pen, and then use the pen to long press on the screen. The screenshot you take this way doesn’t go straight into the gallery. The image is immediately shown to you so you can annotate it if you want before saving. You can also use the lasso tool to crop the image if you only want a specific part of it. There’s both a freehand lasso or a rectangular lasso. You can then press the ‘share’ button and you’ll find an option to insert that cropped part of the image into an s-memo Add a few words to this and it’s a handy way to quickly share pictures and detail with others Press the control button on the pen and then quickly double tap on the screen. This brings up s-memo lite. You can jot down a quick note and save it to the s-memo application. You can also change the look of the s-memo background by pressing the menu button and selecting the type of background from there. You get a fairly good choice of paper styles, like lined, unlined, musical, and graph paper. Tap the one you want to use. You can go into the full s-memo application and create folders for your different memo types. Again press the menu button and select the option for ‘New Folder’ You can name the folder whatever you want And it’ll be created at the top left of your s-memo screen The Note has handwriting recognition. This will work in all applications which use the keyboard, like s-memo, document apps, email, and messages. You will need to use the stock Samsung keyboard for it. When you’re watching a video, pressing the power button on the side of the Note will lock the screen. This means the screen won’t respond to any accidental touches, and your video won’t be interrupted. It also locks the home button and the capacitive back and menu buttons. The volume up and down buttons are the only ones which will work. To remove the lock press the power button again. To change screen brightness without going into settings, Long press on the notification bar until the date shows, And then slide your finger along the top bar to adjust brightness. To quickly move from one home screen to another, pinch in on the screen to show all the home screens together then tap on the one you want to jump to. This works in the application drawer also. You can jump from one set of applications to another. You can also re-arrange the home screens and application screens in this mode. In s-planner, you can quickly move between month, week and day views by pinching in on the screen. Pinching out will move you out in the opposite direction. You can rotate any picture in your gallery by pressing down on it with your thumb and twisting in the direction you want to rotate the picture. Using the stock browser, if you long press the back button it will show your browsing history. In both the stock browser and Dolphin browser, if you long press the menu button it will highlight the URL bar and bring up the keyboard. There is an option to control the brightness directly in the stock browser. You don’t need to go into settings first. The menu button in the stock browser has a separate option for brightness. This will give you a level adjustment bar. There is a roundabout way to select the user agent in the stock browser. In the URL bar type ‘about:user agent’ This brings up different user agent choices so you can select which format you want to view your webpages in – desktop or different mobile versions. When you’re taking a photo, you can pinch to zoom in and to zoom out on an object. Press the menu button to edit the shortcuts in the camera application. Drag and drop the options you use the most into the squares at the top. You can use the pen instead of the capacitive buttons. Press the pen button and swipe up with the pen to open the menu Press the button and swipe left to go back In your contacts list, swiping right on a contacts name gives you the option of calling them swiping left will give you the option of messaging them. When you receive a call, There is an option in the menu to turn on Noise reduction. You can toggle it on or off here. In the phone keypad type in *#0*# This takes you to the LCD test screen where you can test for dead pixels. Run the red, blue, and green colour screens to do this test. There are other tests you can do, like touch, pen, and camera tests. To come out of this, press the back button or home button.

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