• Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 Review

    The Xcover 3 from Samsung is about being functional and getting the job done, so in honour to that let us provide the positives and negatives of the third generation model in this short review.

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    Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3

    The camera is a little hit and miss. Producing satisfactory results the resulting images will not be for everyone with focus and shutter taking up to 4 seconds in low light and colours often over saturated and unbalanced. Whilst capable of lasting a day, the 2200mAh battery is perhaps a little weak for those who really need a battery that can last all day under intense us. Blending design and functionality the Xcover 3 fails to work for those who need a really tough phone, but it can survive falls onto concrete and immersion into water. 4G, WiFi, USB hosting and NFC offer connectivity options to ensure you remain connected and productive. The 4.5” screen is of a good enough quality to be perfectly functional and conserve battery drain and ensure general one handed use as it is not too big. Samsung’s customisation is minimal but functional with a customisable hardware button, increased screen sensitivity options and power saving modes for those worst case scenarios. At under £200 is is reasonable value for money when you consider the competition.

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