• Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Full Review (White)

    I am here with a new review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. This brand new tablet that just came out is part of Samsung’s new “Pro” as the name suggests high-end tablet line with killer specifications and features.

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

    We’re looking at Samsung Exynos 5 2.3 GHz quad-score processor, 2GB of RAM. Adreno 330 graphics. 8 megapixel rear camera with flash and 2 megapixel front-facing camera with 1080P HD recording capabilities. Much better camera than most tablets out there so expect to shoot some pretty decent photos. This thing has a fantastic display. 2560X1600 screen resolution with an astonishing pixel density of 359 pixels per inch. WQXGA Super Clear LCD display technology. Absolutely beautiful display. Very sharp and very crisp. It shows rich color and a wide-viewing angle. The Tab Pro 8.4 has got the best screen out there of any tablet. It beats the iPad Mini Retina or the LG G Pad 8.3 hands-down in terms of the screen. It’s running the latest version of Android,that is Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box. But the real interface we’re actually using, is Samsung’s new TouchWiz Magazine UX interface which I’ll demonstrate later in detail. The design of this tablet is very similar to all of the Samsung products that came out recently. Especially the Note 3. We get the same soft-touch leather back. Metal bezels around the device which actually feels quite nice to be honest. We also have the familiar buttons at the bottom here. The capacitive menu button, the physical home button, and the capacitive back button. It’s got a weight of 11.67 ounces. It has a length of 8.62 inches. Width of 5.05 inches and its only 0.28 inches thick. Very lightweight and thin device. Overall pretty good design and definitely has the construction and quality worthy of its $400 price tag. Around the device. On the right side, you’ll find the microphone hole, volume up-and down controls. IR LED blaster which Samsung always includes with its tablets and it’s used for controlling your television and other entertainment equipment using the WatchOn app from Samsung. On the left-side, we only have the microSD card slot which allows you to increase your storage up to 64GB. That also explains why this tablet is only available in the 16GB capacity because you can expand the storage up yourself. Ambient light sensor, 2 megapixel front-facing up top and the button controls are at the bottom. On the back, Samsung logo as well as the 8 megapixel camera with flash at the top. Now let me actually show you guys the new TouchWiz interface. First of all, in the latest version of TouchWiz, you can see that it’s a lot cleaner. We have the app drawer icon now that’s minimized to the bottom right corner and the Google search widget that follows you everywhere is now minimized to the bottom left. The multi-tasking tray doesn’t take up the entire screen anymore. Very clean, seamless interface and the icons for the apps are bigger now as a result of the extra room. We get one regular home screen to begin with as well as two magazine screens. We can add more screens to both of them of course. You can just do that by pinching out with your fingers and we can add more screens. 4 is the maximum amount you can add for the regular screens and 3 is the maximum amount that you can add for the magazine screens. The magazine interface right here is essentially Flip Board that’s built into this operating system really. Nothing really special. You customize the content you want to see and it will display the information live as feed in these little tiles. You can resize the tiles too and the information the tile displays depends on the size so it’s like the Metro interface on Windows 8. You can customize your tiles with various applications from different sources. Change layout and that sort of thing. Nothing special really. You can also add different news sources for the news section. There are a bunch news sources that you can add, bunch of news sources. Another feature I really like on the Tab Pro 8.4 is the Multi Viewing mode which I really like. Basically, you need to slide from the right portion of the screen and you’ll get a list of all the multi-tasking apps. You can just drag them. And then drag one here. It’s kind of like the snapping feature on Windows 8 and drag another one here. You can run both of them at the same time and this is especially handy when you’re in something for example like Twitter for example. Let’s say you’re on Twitter and you click on a link, you doesn’t take you away from Twitter. It brings a separate screen so you can run both Twitter and whatever the link you’re going to at the same time so I think that’s a really nice feature and it’s very useful in pretty much all situations so that’s a great feature. Multi Window viewing mode that is what it is called. The settings. We now have different notifications panel as you can see. Different graphics and it looks cleaner again. The settings menu now is actually broken into little categories. We now have the connections, device, controls, general category so you can access the settings more easily. The Tab Pro 8.4 also has some really cool voice features that’s built-in through S Voice. I’m currently on the S Voice app so I’ll just show you guys what S Voice is.S Voice is basically Samsung’s own voice intelligent assistant similar to Siri and Google Now. You can say as you can see. Press the button or say Hi Galaxy. Open calculator. So as you can see, it does it relatively fast and it’s just a tool that Samsung provides with its tablets. It works okay. You can also do some system actions like. Hi Galaxy. Set alarm for 6 AM. Should I save this alarm set for 6 AM? Yes. Ok. I saved your alarm for 6 AM. So as you can see does these things so that’s S Voice. The voice features that I’m, gonna show you is that you can actually use your own voice to unlock the device. You can do that by going to controls and voice control. Turn voice control on of course. As you can see here, actually you have to go to the lock screen and you have turn this wake up in lockscreen on. Use your voice command so you use your own voice to unlock the device. You can set your own functions. There are several functions that you can do. Unlock, Open Camera, and check schedule and play music. So I’m gonna say unlock. so I already have the function set-up and I’ll just demonstrate to you guys. Wake up Galaxy! As you can see, it automatically unlocks and also works with the camera app too. I set it up that way. If say Camera, as you can see the camera automatically turns on. That’s a few cool features you can do with your voice on this tablet. While on the camera, you can say certain commands to take pictures. For example, shoot. You just took a picture. I can say record video. It automatically starts recording. Those are some of the features you can use with your voice, some other features available too. Another cool feature is that you can use your palm to do a screenshot. You can do that by just using the side of your hand and glide it through the screen. As you can see, it just took a screenshot when I glided my hand through the screen so that’s one of the palm motions you can do. Also when you’re playing music. You can also use your palm to mute or pause the sound by covering the screen with your palm.

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