• Samsung Galaxy S6 Product (short)Review

    Hello guys, today we will be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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    I’ve had the phone for about 8 months now and found it to be very useful for everyday tasks. So this right here is the new samsung galaxy s6 and it has been on the market for probably about 10 months now. This phone has an all glass front and an all glass back. They have incorporated a nice metallic body to it. You can see right here that they have the power button on the right side. The home button right up front and then they have the charging port and the speaker and headphone port right on the bottom. What’s different about this phone from the Galaxy S5 that no longer has an sd card and they also have removed the ability to take off the back cover to replace the battery. So right here on the front you can see that TouchWiz has been revamped and they have modified the way icons work and the settings all work together. The problem with the previous TouchWiz was that it was very slow and that when you opened up an app it would take a while for it to execute. Now you can see that things are very speedy and there is not a lot of lag to it. This is in part due to the increase in ram, previously it was 1 to 1.5 to now its gotten up to 3 gigabytes of ram and having a 64 bit processor on the inside. Another feature they have added that is very improved is their fingerprint scanner. Before you would have to roll your thumb through to get the full image of your thumbprint but now you can just hover over it to get it to unlock your phone. You can see now from the front that they have added the quick functionality to access the camera. The camera is a 16 megapixel and it has a very great auto focus and it is very quick to start from the home screen.

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    Samsung did a great job incorporating new functionality into their health app. If you go inside S Health you can see all your steps and all the calories you’ve been having throughout the day. You can also measure your heartrate and they have recreated the heartrate sensor to make it more agile and it is just very simple to put it on there to make a quick measurement on you. It’s also very cool that they have a built in two different nfc formats for in here so that you can do wireless payments as well as wireless charging for it. These capabilities are not industry wide and so it is excellent to see them on a flagship phone. For as great as the phone is, it has a couple negatives to it. One of them is the glass back panel, it makes it very easy for fingerprints to get stuck on to them. And having the glass panelling makes the phone very slippery. It is recommended to have some sort of back cover to it so it doesn’t slip out of your hands. In summary the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a great phone. The fast charging capabilities mixed with the top of the line camera makes it a feature packed phone for any user. This is definitely Samsung’s greatest phone product to date and a major overhaul of its TouchWiz user interface. The only true negatives we could find with this phone is its slippery glass backing. I’d recommend this phone to anyone looking for an upgrade as this phone’s features are sure to satisfy any user.


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