• Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

    Hey guys ! Today I’m here with my review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is pretty identical to Samsung Galaxy S6, only a bit bigger and the screen has curved edges on on its right and left side.

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    A nano SIM card slot is located at the top side (no microSD slot available) while speaker is located at the bottom side of the phone. Glass and metal material give this phone a very premium looks and the 5.7 inch display is just as big as Galaxy Note series it’s not too heavy but not too lite as well. Both the screen and the glass on the back side are protected with Gorilla Glass 4. The glass on its back side is indeed a premium touch but will leave lots of fingerprints on it. Like all Samsung phone, you can find 2 soft buttons (Menu and Back) and 1 physical Home button with fingerprints sensor. S-Health, a sensor to monitor your fitness is available on the back side, near the bulging main camera. The new Touchwiz UI has less bloatware but still consumes 2GB of RAM. Even so, runnning 2 apps simultaneously or just swiping the home screen still feels very smooth. The twin curved edge screen is able to display your 5 contacts and 5 favorite apps. In lock screen mode, it can display notifications, time and date, battery capacity, Flipboard news stream even scores update from your favorite sports match. it also glows in white whenever there’s an incoming call and the display is facing downward. Pressing Home button 3x will activate One-handed operation mode and the on screen display will become smaller. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is still powered by Exynos 740 octa-core 2.1 GHz CPU but has a large 4GB RAM. There’s no doubt this phone can run any game smoothly, proven with Antutu Benchmark 5.7.1 that hits 66460 points. Compared with other smartphone we’ve reviewed previously, especially with quad HD display, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ has the best display by far. It has very high pixel density and wide viewing angle even the apps icons appear very solid as if they were attached to the display.

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    Watching video or playing games just got better with clear and detail sound from the speaker. There are some features available in Sound settings to enhance sound quality when using earphone. In order to provide enough power, Samsung equipped the Galaxy S6 edge+ with 3000 mAh battery which boosts the screen-on time for more than 4 hours. Recharging the battery to 100% only takes 1.5 hours, thanks to its fast charging technology. The 16 MP and f/1.9 main camera is using the same sensor as Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Pressing the Home button 2x provides instant access to main camera. As usual, you can set the ISO, shutter speed and focus manually in Pro mode. The 5 MP front facing camera has manual adjustable Beautify mode and HDR feature. Pictures taken in low light conditions look bright, let alone in fair light conditions. The main camera also capable to record 4K resolution video. You’ll get the same smooth video regardless you shoot it in the morning, noon or night.

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    There you have it, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ review. Personally, I really love the camera and the twin curved edges.

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