• Samsung Galaxy Note5 Review

    In 2011, Samsung released the Note, a pioneering device that let smartphone users do more with a bigger screen. Now Samsung’s introducing the latest model in this line: the Galaxy Note 5.

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    The Note 5 is slimmer and sleeker looking than previous models. You can see that you get the benefit of a larger, 5.7 inch screen. And check out the device’s curved ergonomic design on the back here. You can also see a narrower bezel on the sides. It looks good and it makes the Note 5 very easy to hold with one hand. The device has an S Pen just like legacy Note models, but this pen is the most advanced yet and the easiest to remove. It’s perfectly designed to feel like an actual pen, and it writes like one too. The premium design gives it a totally natural feel. From note-taking, to annotation, to advanced handwriting recognition that’s faster and more precise than ever before, the Note 5’s S Pen is a huge leap forward. Samsung has redesigned the Air Command feature present in legacy models. The Note 5 still has the same functionality that Note users know and love but with a really slick new look and some great new features. The Note 5 allows me to jot down a note without even unlocking the device. The Note 5 also comes in a wide range of colors, so you never have to sacrifice style for function. If we’re talking accessories, the Note 5 doesn’t disappoint. From the Glossy Cover to Glitter, if you’re feeling especially fancy. The Note 5 has me covered with charging options tailored to fit my lifestyle. From the fast wireless charger pad, to the fast charging battery pack, I can power up fast, and be on my way. With this phone, Samsung’s once again proven they’re leaders in the market.

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