• Samsung Galaxy E5 and Samsung Galaxy E7 Gaming Test

    Hi! What’s your criteria for a cool smartphone?

    Galaxy E5 E7

    Comfortable in handling? Or powerful enough to play Clash of Clans all day long? Or has crystal clear camera? I think these two phones can handle all those things. Let’s prove it! First, let’s see these phones thickness and weight with … … … that! This is a remote control for A/C Both Samsung Galaxy E5 and E7 are thinner than the remote control. How about the weight? Samsung Galaxy E5 and Galaxy E7 just a bit heavier than the remote that’s why both phones still comfortable in hand, even fits well in your pocket. As we know it, 6 of 10 ten people use their smartphone for playing game whether it’s online or offline. I love playing games too. Now, let’s see what these Samsung Galaxy E5 and E7 can do.
    First game is Dragon Hill. It runs smoothly and after playing for 10 minutes the phone temperature only about 36 degree Celsius Next is UFC. Just like Dragon Hill, UFC also runs smoothly. Lastly, I played Asphalt 8 and GT Racing 2 with more than 1GB in size. Both games also run smoothly. It was proven any game can run smoothly on these phone. Plus you can enjoy sharp and clear images thanks to 720p Super AMOLED display. samsung galaxy e 5 image

    That’s all for Samsung Galaxy E5 and Samsung Galaxy E7
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