• Prontotec Axius 7 Inch Android Tablet Review

    We will be taking a look at the Prontotec 7 Inch Tablet which in this review is the Cortex A8 Dual Core 1.2 model running android 4.4.2.

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    Prontotec Axius 7 Inch Android Tablet

    Prontotec Axius 7 Inch Android Tablet

    Holding the device this way the Prontotec is 7.5 inches in length and 4.5 in width and from the side it is 0.39 inches in thickness. There is a 7 inch screen on the front with a resolution of 800 by 480. Over here is a 0.3mp front camera and next to it is the charging notification light. Now going over to the top we have a microphone a micro usb slot for charging and connecting to third party connections, here is a Usb host adapter, a 3.5mm jack connection for headphones, a micro SD slot for adding external storage and an ac adapter for the choice to charge with a power supply. There is nothing on the right or bottom so going over to the left side we have the power button to toggle from stand by modes or switch the device on or off. Underneath that is the volume keys now lastly the back. This is a 2 mega pixel camera with vga video recording and light, this over here is the speaker and at the very bottom is a small hole to reset the device if you run into any issues. The device has a Cortex A8 1.2 Ghz Dual Core processor with 512mb of ram and 4gb of internal storage. The other features the device has our as follows. G sensor Wi Fi – support for 3g Dongle and Ethernet with the use of an adapter There is no Bluetooth on this model version. You get your standard 5 slots on the main screen to add your apps and swiping down shows you your current notifications clicking this tab gives you this list of quick settings then pressing here takes you to the full list of applications on the device with a tab here to toggle from apps and widgets. Looking at the camera there is very few options to choose from you click the camera button to change the mode from camera to video or panaroma and vise versa. Pressing this blue button will take your photo or when in video mode it is red. Now lastly this gives you the options to switch to the back or front camera, turn on or off flash, timer, location, white balance and lastly exposure. This is not really the best quality camera for taking images or video but can be useful for using skype. The Device does perform fairly well and only from time to time will take longer to load up some of the social media applications than normal and I had a freeze on Youtube once or twice but when everything is loaded up even on games runs fairly well. In terms of performance what really does let this device down is the screen resolution and the battery. Normally screen quality is not a big factor for me when choosing & reviewing products but with this when I had been reading articles on the web browser for periods longer than 40 minutes it left my eyes feeling strained. When the brightness was turned right down it was not as bad but still this does not happen to me with other phones or tablets. This was more noticeable when reading I never really had this problem when watching videos on Youtube for 20 minutes or longer. Then the battery drains very quickly I can demonstrate this while showing you how games run the battery is now at %100 as we start up the game subway suffers make a note of the time it shows here for reference. While that loads I will talk you through the experience with the battery it drained out with in 30 minutes from being fully charged for me with brightness at full settings and wi fi on. With the brightness set very low which is the setting it is on now it lasted closer to an hour. Now let’s take a look at what percentage the battery is on now. The only other thing I can really mention based around my own experience is the Wi fi fails to connect if I go out of the room the wi fi router is in. It will work out of the room but most of the time it has trouble staying connected if I am two rooms down. I have very mixed feelings with this product. When I review a device I like to separate the positives from the negatives and then work out what audience it is better suited for. I had trouble doing that with this Since a tablet is designed for portability and the battery on this device really will not get you through a days worth of travelling. You will get an hour at the most if you tweak and adjust various settings. Then I know a lot of parents like to get budget tablets like this for small children since they don’t want to pay a lot of money for something that might be dropped. If that is why you are looking into this device I would recommend looking into Tablets created for younger children in mind because the screen quality did strain my eyes a little bit after reading articles for 30 to 40 minutes and for that reason I would not suggest giving this to a toddler. The device is ok if you are in doors or in places with a plug socket around and you want to just lie down for a bit and play a couple of minutes of casual based games watch Youtube videos or check social media. Thanks for watching if you have any other questions let us know in the comments. 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