• Nokia Lumia 930 Unboxing

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    Nokia Lumia 930. It’s one of Nokia’s latest flagships devices and one of its last original creations as well due to the Microsoft acquisition and it also has Windows Phone 8.1 preinstalled out of the box. so this is the packaging we’re looking at. It’s a square box with a pretty nice design. Super easy to open it actually you just have to slide out the compartment from the rest of the box. And here is the Nokia Lumia 930 in it’s full glory. This is the Orange version which looks pretty nice and also it feels great in the hand due to the polycarbonate casing. So we’ll set that aside for now and take a look at what else we receive inside the box. So in the left compartment, we get a USB wall charger and also the micro USB cable for charging and syncing as well as quick start guide which provides you with a basic overview of the device to get you started. Now let’s bring the phone over and turn this thing on. Nokia logo and also the Windows logo. So while it’s doing booting, let’s do a brief tour of the deivce. Starting at the top, we have the nano sim card tray, 3.5 milimeter headphone jack. On the right spine, we have the volume up and down rocker, power button and also the dedicated camera shutter key. And also the microUBS port at the bottom. On the back, speaker grill, dual LED flash and also the 20 megapixel purview Zeiss camera. So this is the homescreen of the Lumia 930 again running the latest version Windows Phone.

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