• Microsoft Lumia 950 Review

    The design of the mobile phone is good, but not amazing. The material of the cover is the Poly-carbonate. and this is a tough plastic material, which is using by the engineers.

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    The display is AMOLED with 5.2 inch with 2k resolution 2560*1440 and Coring Gorilla Glass 3 with the feature the Clear-Black Display.. ..Which it reduce the reflection on the screen.. ..especially outdoor. with Snapdragon 808 which is Good The CPU is 6-core and GPU ‘Adreno’ 418 one of the best thing in this device and majority of companies lacks to.. Is the ability to insert a micro SD card up to 200GB Which is a badass Unlike the rest of companies, who presents mobile phones.. with Capacity 32,64,128 GB without SD card slot and high prices The internal storage of the device is 32GB and this is the only version it also has a 3GB of Ram which is good The main Camera is 20 megapixel. with optical image stabilization with 3 LED flash and 4K feature with 30fps which is in every mobile phone nowadays The front camera is 5 megapixel with capturing video up to 1080p which is good it also has Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Radio FM. another feature, and an amazing feature is the type-C charger which make the charging fast, and transferring data faster with also wireless charger The battery life is 3000 mAh, which is good with these options which it can stand from 20 till 22 hours that’s it! this was a quick Review!


    Nexus 5X versus Nokia Lumia 950

    Both of devices.. have a plastic material with Nano-sim card and fingerprint in LG and not in Lumia Lumia has an AMLOED display with 5.2 inch 2k resolution (2560*1440) and for protection Gorilla Glass 3 Moreover, the ClearBlack advantage to reduce the reflection’s light of the screen while, the LG’s screen is IPS LCD 5.2 inch and 1k resolution (1920*1080) it also has Gorilla Glass 3 for protection so, i give a point for Lumia for its display the Operating system of lumia is Windows 10! plus, you can use the Lumia as a PC’s case by connect it with Display Dock so you can connect the Dock.. ..to a Keyboard, mouse and Monitor you can also use the screen of the Lumia as a touch pad and this is an amazing feature of the Lumia for LG, its OS Andorid last version (Marshmallow) lumia win another point for its Display Dock! both of them have snapdragon 808 , 6-cores of CPU and ‘Adreno” 418 for GPU so the LG on a par with Lumia in CPU, Chipset and GPU for the SD card slot it’s available in Lumia, and up to 200Gb of SD card and not available in LG so, Lumia got another point for the SD card slot! for the internal storage Lumia has only one version with 32 GB, which is good for LG, it has 2 version 16GB and 32GB for Ram! Lumia has 3GB of Ram and LG has 2GB so, lumia got another point of the Ram! The main Camera in Lumia is 20 megapixel with optical image stabilization and 4k video recording by 30fps the pixel size is 1.1 µm i’ll explain it later in this video the front camera is 5 megapixel! and record video up to 1080p The main camera of LG is 12.3 megapixel it does not has Optical image stabilization but it has 4k video recording by 30fps and the pixel size is 1.55 µm the idea of micrometer is when the pixel size getting large.. and the image be more clearly, which is help… to gather more light in the lens. so during the low light capture it helps to make the image clear. thus, i am not gonna rate the camera till to use both of them. for the front camera, it has 5 megapixel like lumia of course both of them have ,Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and FM Radio but, it’s just in lumia both of them have Type-C for charging which is good for fast charging and fast data transferring The wireless charging is just available in lumia so lumia got another point for this feature both of them have also, Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic The battery life in the lumia is 3000 mAh and in LG is 2700 mAh so, lumia has got another point for the battery life The price of both of them the lumia’s price is 550$ for the 32GB and this is the only version for the LG the price of the 32GB version is 430$ so LG has got a point for the price that was a comparison on the hardware for the camera and.. software.

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