• LG G3 32gb Review

    I will present the mobile LG G3, but the version with 32 gb internal memory and 3gb ram. To tell you the truth, I never liked the South Korean Lg, not because there is something wrong with them … but because I never went crazy with the build quality of their mobile.

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    LG G3 32gb

    But when I got my hands on the lg g2 of a friend, I changed my mind. I was impressed by the display, the rapid opening applications and the overall enhancement of quality in relation to earlier devices. So when the successor of g2, the g3,came out, I decided to buy it and sell the samsung Galaxy s4. But did i do well or not? Stay until the end of this video to find out. First of all I would like to mention the price of the device. With a quick search in e shops today 01/30/2015, I found to my surprise that the price of the mobile starts at 429 euros, 35 euros more expensive than the price I bought it two months ago. Probably there is a shortage. Anyway, the point is that the price is very good when you consider how expensive the respective flagships of competitors are. The 32Gb Galaxy note 4 for example, costs 583 euros. Now lets see the main features of the mobile phone. 1.Display , True HD-IPS + LCD, 5.5 inches, resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels (~ 538 ppi pixel density) 2.Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat), upgradable to v5.0 (Lollipop) 3.Chipset, Snapdragon 801, Cpu, Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400, Gpu, adreno 330. 4.Memory 16 GB, 2 GB RAM / 32 GB, 3 GB RAM 5.Camera, 13 MP, laser autofocus, optical image stabilization, dual-LED, 2160p @ 30fps, 1080p @ 30fps, optical stabilization, HDR, stereo sound rec. 6.Battery, 3000mah The LG G3 is in my opinion a very beautiful cell with thin lines and nice finish. The dimensions of the phone are 146.3mm (height) x 74.6mm (width) x 8.9mm (depth). The weight is limited to 149 grams. The back cover is made of plastic, but is treated so as to give you the impression that it is brushed aluminum. It looks very nice when you hold it, but you realize that it is made of cheaper material. What I noticed is that sometimes the mobile slips in hand, so I recommend that you put a case which will improve the grip. The specific surface however has some important advantages. It leaves no fingerprints and doesn’t scratch easily. At the bottom end of the device, you will find the micro USB connector, the audio jack of 3.5 mm, and the microphone for phone calls. At the top of the device is a second microphone for noise cancellation during your conversations, and beside is the infrared port. On the back side you will find the keys on / off, volume rocker as well as the speaker of the device. The LG G3 has a removable battery 3000mah, as well as micro sd slot. The screen is the greatest feature of the G3. Apart from the diagonal of 5.5 inches, what is worth mentioning is the amazing resolution. The display is based on the True HD IPS technology and offers a Quad HD resolution . As a result, LG has the largest number of pixels per inch that we have ever seen in a smartphone. Specifically, it has 538 ppi. The truth is of course, that if you put it next to a smartphone with Fhd resolution screen it is hard to see the difference. The only way to assess the possibilities of G3 is to reproduce the two preinstalled videos. See a short extract and you will understand … Apart from the positive I have to mention the on-screen negative. First of all, with increased viewing angle, the brightness decreases. Secondly, the contrast is not the best I’ve seen. Black is not 100% black … Also, there is a small issue with the white balance, and white has a magenta hue. Finally, if the device overheats, we can not increase the brightness by one level and above. The Lg G3 comes with version android kitekat 4.4.2 but is programmed to accept the upgrade to the highly anticipated lolipop 5.0. I have to inform you that I have already done the update in lolipop. Behold the proof. LG has changed quite the GUI compared to the past. We see a thrifty and simple design. Finally, I would like to say that the call quality is very good. When I needed to talk to someone, the voice of my interlocutor sounded clear and loud. Also, never someone complained that he did not hear me well. As I mentioned earlier the Lg G3 has 3000mah battery which is removable. In the area of autonomy, the flagship of LG is doing quite well. The battery lasts about two days with moderate use. With more intense use (such as with navigation, web surfing, phone calls and a game) length reaches one day. Not too bad, but could be doing better. The QHD screen is responsible for that. The mobile has a 13 megapixels camera, optical stabilizer, double Led flash, laser technology autofocus, and can record video at UHD analysis (3840by2160). As for the menu of the camera, what I can say is that it is very simplified something that I do not like. There are no settings neither for white balance, nor for iso. On the top left you will find the following options. First, we have the option to store our material on the memory card or device. Next is the grid that helps framing. Then we see the countdown to automatically take a picture. We have the option for 3 or 10 seconds. Further to the right, there is a voice command that helps us to take a picture with the salutation of words like, “cheesecake” ,”Smiley “,” whiskey “,” Kimchi ” or ” LG “. Next, we have the various resolutions for photography and video. You can take photos with a resolution of 3-13 megapixel. Furthermore we can record video FHD analysis and UHD at 30 frames per second. Finally, we have the option HDR with which we have pictures with greater dynamic range. On the next tab, we have the following functions. In dual mode, we can draw concurrently two photos into one, using the two cameras. In panorama we can combine several photo series and create a photo with a a greater field of view. With the magic focus take the photo and then select the point of the picture you want to be in focus. However do not be fooled! With such a small sensor, you will hardly manage to isolate your subject … The next tab is about what camera you use. Next, we have the option to use flash. On the Far right, we have three dots, with which we hide the menu. When the menu is hidden, taking a photo can be done with a simple touch of the screen. But when it is not, we must first choose the focus point and then take the picture. Cool functions but lets dig deeper … How does the camera perform? The autofocus is extremely fast and what helps is the laser technology of LG. The mobile transmits a beam of laser, which calculates the distance to the object on which we focus, and thus makes the whole process very fast. In good light the Lg produces high definition images with not too saturated colors. The dynamic range is good for mobile data something that improves with the HDR option. But when we have low light conditions the camera performs poorly as almost all mobiles, and produces images with very high noise (both luminance and color). When it comes to video, the mobile can shot at uhd analysis at 30 fps. With enough light, the video has high definition and detail with the disadvantage of focus hunting. In low light conditions the dynamic range dramatically reduces and noise increases a lot. In Antutu Benchmark version 5.6, the g3 is doing quite well with a score of 41703. Located a position below galaxy s5, which precedes with a score of 42437. The difference with note 4 is large enough. The note scored 48622. In geekbench, the LG did score 941 in single core and 2336 in multicore. With regard to competition in the processes of one core, the g3 surpassed galaxy s5 which scored 938. In multicore environment, the s5 preceded by a score of 2836, but the lg far surpasses the s4 which only scored 1835. Tests are cool but they are only indicative of the performance of a mobile. In real life I do not see huge differences with the main competitor, the samsung galaxy note 4. Dear friends, this video came to an end and I can tell you with certainty that i did not regret it at all giving up galaxy s4 for LG’s flagship. The South Korean company has finally reached the level of its competitors, and I hope they will continue like this in the future.

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