• LG G2 OtterBox Defender Series Case Review

    OtterBox, as many of you guys may know, is a very popular case brand and I can’t wait to put this on the phone to see how it works. But first let’s go ahead and first the case out of the packaging. Aside from finding the case in the box, we also have an OtterBox brochure.

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    LG G2 OtterBox Defender

    We have four pieces to this case. First we have a screen protector to guard against scratches, scuffs and scrapes on the touch screen. Then, we have the polycarbonate inner shell as well as the silicone outer layer both are used for impact absorption. We also have a belt clip holster included for convenient carrying and hands-free media viewing because it also acts as a kick stand. Installing the case to the phone is very simple. You want to first place the phone onto the inner shell and then add the screen protector on top by locking it to all the slots provided. Finally, we can now put the entire thing into the outer layer. So this is what it looks like when the case is installed onto the phone. Obviously the phone is now a little bulky and heavier but it gives you really, really good protection in my opinion, is a worthy trade-off. The case fits in perfectly with the phone. You can still access all the sensors ports and buttons. What’s really nice about this case is that they included doors to the charging port and the headphone jack so those places won’t get dusty. The screen protector included with the case protects the screen really well and the sensitivity of the screen is just as good without the screen protector. So overall the OtterBox defender series case for the LG G2 is really a fantastic case in my opinion. It provides you with excellent protection so you don’t have to worry breaking your phone. Fantastic case again and I highly recommend it to anyone that has a LG G2. This case retails for $50 and you find links to both Amazon and OtterBox’s official website you can purchase the case if you want to. So this wraps up my review and I hope you guys liked it. And I’ll see you guys in my next video! Bye-bye.

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