• KAZAM Trooper X4.0 Review

    In a time where the screen on smartphones just seem to be getting bigger and bigger, KAZAM have recognised the need for a more appropriately sized device. Sporting a 4″ touchscreen display the Trooper X4.0 is an entry level Android smartphone that retails at less than £100.

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    KAZAM Trooper X4.0

    Focusing on price isn’t always the best thing, but when you see what you get I think you will agree that value for money is the key phrase to attribute here. You maybe wondering who KAZAM are. They are a new company that have been formed to serve a particular sector of the market and are headed up by a strong team of recognised individuals.Find out more HERE. All KAZAM handsets with Dual SIM capability, meaning 2 SIM card’s in one phone. Perfect for business and personal SIMS. All come with a FREE screen replacement. If you drop it, smash it or it breaks for no reason, you will get 1 FREE screen replacement within the 1st year of ownership. The specifications are strong for an entry level handset, including a dual-core 1GHz processor, MicroSD memory card slot, 4GB of internal memory, 5 megapixel camera, 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi. The biggest disappointment all told is the screen resolution at 480 x 800, but in all honesty, unless you really want high definition playback on your phone, for the most part, everything appears just fine on screen. It is a bit reflective and a bit resistive in comparison to more expensive handsets, this is the drawback of a slightly cheaper screen. Higher resolution and more detail is just more desirable, but you have to pay to get this. The build quality is solid and the materials feel good considering the price. The main ports and controls including the camera sit in logical positions. Headphone socket on the top edge with the power and volume on the upper right and left respectively. The microUSB is placed centrally on the bottom edge. The screen bezels are a bit big but I am picking here really when you consider the price. The camera is placed centrally in the upper third of the rear of the phone with a flash to the left and microphone to the far right. The lower third of the soft touch back cover has the speaker grill, which gives the impression that the speaker stretches across the back but removing the back cover reveals the speaker is placed to the left. That said the audio sounded pretty good considering. With the back cover removed, you see the battery compartment and directly under this is the 2 SIM slots and MicroSD memory card slot running from left to right. The Trooper X4.0 does have a light sensor so manual or automatic control of the screen brightness is an option; as is rotation of the screen into portrait or landscape mode using the G sensor. Out of the box Android 4.2.2 is installed on the device. Therefore the device is pretty up to date. OK it is not Android 4.4 but very few devices have this and for the vast majority it is not necessary. It is pretty much stock Android on the device, with the smallest of tweaks, which include a flashlight and a few wallpapers not to mention the SIM Management for the dual SIMS. This therefore gives all the standard Google services out of the box. Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Navigation, Calendar and more. Just input your existing Google account details if you have one and within minutes you can be up and running. With access to Google Play Store you can download all of you favourite apps from Twitter to Facebook to Angry Birds. Boasting 4GB of memory, 2.5GB of which is user accessible you may need to take advantage of the expandable memory for more memory hungry content like photos and music. There is a File Manager on board which makes accessing content simple especially for copying and moving files. An FM radio enhances the multimedia capabilities on the move too and a handy flashlight app could come in useful. Do not expect updates the moment Google announce them, they will come but it may be slow. With a KAZAM handset, you do not pay the same premium as is found on higher end handsets, so the speed of updates etc will inevitably be affected. General operation has been good with the device. Demanding apps will make the phone lag as will multitasking, but its fine if switching between calls, your calendar and your YouTube video stream. Whereas before you may have had two separate phones, with the KAZAM Trooper X4.0 you can have just one phone with the two SIM cards in it. From with the settings you can choose how the SIM cards are used and managed. You could have one SIM for voice calls and text messages and another for mobile data. You have full control over how it is configured. Call quality was average during my usage. Not super clear like a Nokia but not poor. The Trooper does not boast any special camera technology or features which is a shame, but a basic, easy to use camera application make photo and video capture simple. Image results were mixed but fine for sharing on social networks and the odd one you may want to print out. You have a reasonable level of control over the camera settings which is a positive thing. With a bit of manual tweaking you could make an ok shot look pretty good. Change the colour effects, white balance, HDR, resolution or even capture up to 99 continuous shots. There is no dedicated camera key, so it must all be managed on screen which is a drawback in keeping the camera stable. There is too a front facing camera for ‘selfies’ or video calls. Here are some sample shots. During the testing phase for about a week I had just one SIM in it and with light usage I was getting 2 days out of the 1550mAh battery. A heavier user with 2 SIM will likely find a daily charge necessary but may be able to stretch it out if careful. At sub £100 the Trooper X4.0 is brilliant value for money. The Moto G is the closest equivalent at £30-50 more. It has double the processor speed, memory and RAM but lacks dual SIM and free screen replacement. The smartphone market is ultra competitive and there is a lot of choice. But if you want good connectivity, dual SIM capability and a smaller screen then consider the Kazam Trooper X4.0.

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