• iPhone 5 – Nokia Lumia 920 – Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – etc;

    The iPhone 5 is 18 percent thinner than the iPhone 4S, 7.6mm compared to 9.3mm. It’s also thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is 8.6mm, and the Nokia Lumia 920 which is 10.7mm.

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    iPhone 5 - Lumia 920 - Galaxy Note 2

    iPhone 5 – Lumia 920 – Galaxy Note 2

    It’s really light, 20 percent lighter than the 4S, 112g compared to 140g. For comparison, the Galaxy S3 is 133g and the Lumia 920 is 185g. Even though it’s so thin and light, it’s still constructed entirely of aluminium and glass. Hopefully, it’s unibody aluminium shell will mean it’s much more robust than the glass backed iPhone 4S. The overall look of the iPhone 5 though is just like an elongated 4S, due to the larger 4 inch screen. But that’s still smaller than the 4.8 inch Galaxy S3 and the 4.5 inch Lumia 920, Phones that would appeal to people looking for extra screen space. It seems Apple’s focus was on packing hardware features into a much lighter phone that’s still small enough to fit comfortably into anyone’s hand and pocket. But with the new larger 4 inch display, they have stepped closer to mobile trends this year. It’s an IPS LCD display with 1136 x 640 screen resolution, that’s a pixel density of around 326 ppi, and a 16:9 aspect ratio that leaves the 3:2 aspect ratio of the 4S behind. It’s also a more accurate display, with the touch sensors integrated right into the display itself, And better colour saturation than the 4S. So now on the homescreen, there’s space for a fifth row of icons. The Apple apps like mail and calendar have already been updated for the larger display, And Iam sure most of the third party apps will be seeing updates pretty soon as well. The iSight rear camera has seen a few changes. There’s a new sapphire lens, which is crystal clear and much harder and more scratch resistant than normal glass. The sensor is 8 megapixel and is backside-illuminated, which means better low light performance on the smaller sensor. It’s also said to be 40 percent faster on photo capture than the 4S camera, and has a new seamless panorama mode. The front-facing 720p HD camera is 1.2 megapixels, With the same sapphire lens and backside-illuminated sensor. And now you’ll be able to make facetime calls right over the mobile or cellular network. And this brings me to performance and connectivity. The processor inside the iPhone 5 is an Apple A6 chip, and this is rumoured to use ARM’s Cortex A15 architecture. Whatever it is, it’s twice as fast as the A5 chip in the iPhone 4S. As well as twice the CPU power, it has twice the graphical power, While managing to be 22 percent smaller in size compared to the A5. With this better performance comes LTE connectivity as standard in the iPhone 5, And improved wi-fi speeds. Something that could have an impact with mobile networks is the support for wide-band audio, or HD voice, which gives much better call quality and improved noise cancellation. It hasn’t been widely used by the carrier’s yet, But with the iPhone’s support we might be seeing more widespread use of HD voice now. Another major change is that the old 30 pin connector has been replaced by a much slimmer and faster ālightning connector. And the traditional flat headphones have been replaced by new style EarPods. I think these are a cross between the in-ear style earbuds and the flat headphones. They look a bit strange, a bit like miniature hairdryers in my opinion. It’ll be interesting to see how comfortable they are and how much better music sounds through them. So, the iPhone 5 goes on sale on September 21st, which is next week, And Iam really looking forward to getting one and reviewing it. I know a lot of you are looking forward to seeing a review of the iPhone, as well as the Nokia Lumia 920, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. And I’d like to make sure that I cover as much detail as possible on all these phones, so I’d very much like to have your input about the things you’d like to see included in these reviews.

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