• iOS 9 Review! Should you update? (iPod Touch 5G)

    So you’ve heard that iOS 9 has just been released and you want to know whether you should upgrade or not. So first of all, iOS 9 had the looks updated.

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    iPod Touch 5G

    The new OS by Apple sports the brand new San Fransisco font, which they first used for the Apple Watch. The font is meant to improve readability on mobile devices, and in my opinion it does it really well. The new font comes accompanied by a completely new set of wallpapers: many of the old ones have been replaced in favor of this new collection, but there’s some pretty dope quality and color in here. System apps and many icons have been redesigned too: starting from the new Siri and up to the new Battery icon, every pre-installed app has been visually refreshed. You’ve got the new Music app, new animations in the Mail app, new folders in Photos and so on. Music is probably the app that got the most attention from Apple: not only it looks much better, but it sports a whole lot of new features from Apple Music, Radio and Connect to the improved queue and so on. Apart from the old ones, Apple also included a couple of new system apps, with News being my personal favorite: if you’ve ever used something like Flipboard, this is Apple’s way to do that. You’ve got a customizable news feed with a sleek design, an explore tab, the possibility to navigate by magazine and a couple of other nifty features. It looks good and it has everything you need, and I can see it being the only news reader for lots of people. Another new interesting addition is the iCloud Drive app, which you can enable in the iCloud settings and will allow you to manage your files and folders on the Apple cloud service. The major change in the looks of iOS 9 is definitely the new app switcher: the old view has been replaced by this stack which definitely looks better, but where have I already seen that? *cough* Going on with the new features, Siri is now on steroids: apart from the new animations, it is now much much more intelligent, it shows you more relevant content, and it’s fully integrated with the new Proactivity feature. Without going too much into detail, it’s basically an Apple version of Google now, which will show you relevant content and apps based on your searches, time of the day, etc. However, the major focus in iOS 9 was to improve battery life and performances, especially in slower devices, but it seems like Apple completely forgot about that: on older devices like my iPod Touch 5G, but also on the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2, iOS 9 not only doesn’t run faster, but possibly it runs slower. Basically it’s the same thing we saw when iOS 8 came out, replacing the really fast iOS 7: eventually iOS 8 came to a point where it was really stable and really fast, and that will hopefully happen with iOS 9 too. However as for newer devices, performances and battery life do seem to improve a bit, but nothing noteworthy there too. Something actually exclusive to the latest iPads are the new split-screen mode and Picture-in-Picture mode to have multiple apps on the screen at the same time. A couple of words about the update itself: iOS 9 will be available for every device that runs iOS 8, and that means every iPhone from the 4S, every iPad but the first and the iPod Touch 5G and 6G. Something welcome about iOS 9 is that from now on every subsequent update should take much less space than they used to, and you should also get some free storage after the update. So at the end of the day, should you update? If you’re on a device older than the iPhone 5S, the answer is no: it won’t bring any relevant improvement, and it could even make your everyday experience worse. On the other hand, if you’re on a recent device and you want to try some new nifty features, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Hopefully that covered all of the most important features.

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