• HTC One M7 Sense 6.0 Update Review

    I’m kind of doing a walkthrough and review of all the new features on the HTC Sense 6.0 update for my Verizon HTC One M7. This is update which gives the latest version HTC Sense, Sense 6. It’s the same software the new HTC One M8 has so it’s really nice to see to HTC bringing it the M7 as well.

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    HTC One M7 Sense 6.0

    It is currently rolling on all of the carriers AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon here in the U.S. I got the update for my Verizon variant on Thursday June 5th but if you don’t yet make sure you go to the settings and check for the update. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not there since it is currently still being rolled. But anyways to prove to you I have the latest update, I’ll head over to my settings and scroll all the way down to about and software information and there it is. HTC Sense 6.0. As far as what’s different between Sense 6.0 and Sense 5.5. Not huge difference but still there are a few subtle changes here and there that I really like. Overall, the HTC Sense version 6 update simply introduces improvements, enhancements and such to the overall user interface. So first we have some changes with the lock screen and when we click on the lock now me get three directions that we can swipe towards. Swiping to the top and the left simply brings you to the home screen and swiping to the right will activate BlinkFeed. So that’s a cool little addition done to the home screen. And also you’ll notice dock tray at the bottom instead of having a black background like use to be, it’s now transparent which is pretty cool. An update they made to the design of the user interface, is now on built-in HTC applications, we have color-coded themes for them now for easy navigation. We can examples of that when let’s say we go to the music app, the calendar, and the gallery we see different colors at the top of each application so again another addition enhance the user experience. The HTC applications themselves have also been updated as well. HTC BlinkFeed BlinkFeed got a pretty big update in Sense 6. The new BlinkFeed is a lot smoother. It runs better and you can add a lot more stuff into your Blink Feed. There are more sources now that you can add and obviously the sidebar enhanced for easier navigation. So I really like the updates they made and Blink Feed since it makes it run really well now which is great. If you go the settings menu now, you’ll notice the design of it is different because has that grey color scheme and also the new update contains some customizable fonts for the system language of the phone. You can choose between the three fonts they have for default or you can get more online. Another place you’ll feel the impact Sense 6 is inside the camera app, they updated it with a new easier to use design and quick access to the different camera modes. So we can easily change between Camera, Video, Zoe, and Selfie. So the camera in Sense 6 is a lot better in my opinion. So really this is it for all the new features in Sense 6. You know it’s mainly an update to improve the design of user interface so nothing really is going change but I think a lot of people and myself included will really appreciate having this update because it works really well. I’ve had no problem so far with this update, it runs equally as well before the update and after the update if not better so I highly encourage you to install the new update when it comes out for you. So this wraps my video for the Sense 6 update on the HTC One M7. Let me know in the comments on how you feel about this new update.

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