• HTC One M7 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop Update

    So if you’re rocking an HTC One on Verizon, you can go to the settings, system updates, Check New, and you be prompted with a pop up screen to update and you’ll have to install the first part before installing the second part.


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    HTC One M7 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop Update


    The process did take me about 2 hours so make sure you have the time required to dedicate to the update. So let’s get right into what is new as result of the new update. So of course we have our lock screen notifications, so the Lollipop style lock screen is adopted. Another change is within the notifications panel. As you can tell, we’ve got the sandwich style menu where you swipe for notifications, and swipe a second time for quick settings. And of course you can see the material design elements in there as well. HTC did not include the flashlight function within the nonfictions but they did include it in a separate flashlight app which is this one right here and you can adjust the brightness of the light so a nice little touch. Another new addition is the recent apps and the card style format has adopted similar to Lollipop and if you don’t like it, you can change back to the old grid style. Screen pinning is on board as well so we can click on this pin to lock the app in place. The settings menu has a few new changes. Sound has been changed to sound and notification and with Lollipop you can manage app notifications and decide which apps you want to block and which apps to prioritize. The search function has also been added for faster access. Android Beam, which is the option to share content with NFC has been added with the update. And to take advantage of it, let’s say I want to share this web page, all you need to do is enable NFC and tap it with the device that you want to share. The HTC Eye Experience has also been added and you can see it in the camera with new shooting modes like split capture and photo booth so a few welcomed additions there. The update also included a file manager in case you didn’t have one already. And that’s really about it for specific features . Overall, I think it’s a fantastic update I’ve experienced no bugs or issues yet battery life is pretty good and so you should definitely install the update to take advantage of the latest features.

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