• How to Unlock a Cell Phone for Free

    It is easier than ever to unlock a cell phone for free. Most cell phones that are purchased from a wireless carrier in the United States are typically ‘locked’ to that carrier. By ‘unlocking’ the cell phone for free, the device can then be used with other wireless providers.

    Why Unlock a Cell Phone for Free?

    There are two main reasons for taking a locked phone and turning it into a free unlocked phone:

    1. Phone can then be used with different local wireless providers.
    2. A free unlocked phone can be used with a prepaid SIM card from a local carrier at the destination to save a lot of money. Also increase resale value of the phone.



    Is It Legal to Unlock Your Phone for Free?


    If you are still under contract with the carrier, the carrier is not obligated to unlock your device for free but you can try our free service for obtain a free unlock code. It’s perfectly legal to unlock your phone.


    Getting a Cell Phone Free Unlock Code


    Most phones can be unlocked with a free unlock code provided from us, just check our offer.


    Also you can get an unlock code from your wireless carrier at the end of your contract if all outstanding charges have been paid.

    If you are still under contract, you can purchase an unlock code from a 3th party service, the price for purchasing an unlock code can vary from carrier to carrier, but it typically ranges from $10 to $50 but we have the alternative.

    Once you have completed a successful SIM unlock on a phone, that phone should be unlocked forever, even if the phone is reset it or if the software is updated.

    Get a free cell phone unlock code.

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