• How fast is the iPhone 6s? Review

    So how fast is the iPhone 6s? To find out I gathered a few of the highest end phones out right now, the OnePlus Two, Moto X 2015, Galaxy S6 edge along with the last gen iPhone 6.

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    iphone 6s fast

    Apple claims the 6s is 70 to 90 percent faster this time around and taking a look at the specs not only does it have twice as much memory at two gigabytes but it’s also seen a pretty decent bump in clock speed. First up is Geekbench 3, this is mostly a test of the processor and a high score here shows how fast the phones are for normal use. With only two cores the 6s can’t match the sheer power of the eight core Galaxy S6 but it does easily win the single core test. To put things in perspective the 6s has essentially the same CPU performance as the base twelve inch MacBook. This is one fast phone. Next we have GFXBench which is all about the graphics performance, that includes things like how smoothly the phone runs and how it handles intense gaming. Factoring in screen resolution it’s clear the 6s is packing a serious GPU, even running the test offscreen at 1080p for an apples to apples comparison the iPhone is still able to pull out the win. Moving on we’ve got the Google Octane test, this relies on a fast processor and a well optimized web browser. Safari on iOS has always been well optimized which definitely gives the iPhones a leg up here but even so it’s hard to argue with both the 6 and 6s in this one. Putting both the graphics and processing power together we’ve got 3DMark. The normal Ice Storm Extreme test is actually not demanding enough to properly tax these phones at 1080p but by running the offscreen Unlimited test the 6s pulls out the win over the OnePlus Two and Galaxy S6 and especially embarrasses the last gen 6. It should be no surprise that the new iPhone is faster but there’s no real competition here, the 6s is hands down the most powerful phone you can buy today.

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