• Complete guide to unlocking your phone to any network by IMEI number

    Hi and welcome to the complete guide to unlocking your phone to any network by IMEI number. But before I get into that here’s a quick checklist of what you’ll need and won’t need to get started.
    You will need your phone’s IMEI number, you can get that either by dialling *#06# on your keypad, looking underneath the battery at the back of the phone, or if you have an iPhone go to Settings – General – About. It is a 15 digit number and you will need this in order to get the unlock code for your phone. And the whole process should take less than 5 minutes.

    imei checker

    imei checker

    You won’t need: A CDMA phone – these phones come with MEID or ESN numbers instead of IMEI. If that’s the case with your phone then it does not carry a SIM card, therefor cannot be unlocked to any network. Sorry.
    And finally you shouldn’t need anymore than 5 minutes!
    Choose TrialPay and you will get the unlock code in exchange for signing up to one of the offers available. Now, depending on the phone you want to unlock or your country, the offers may vary and in some cases, particularly with newer phones which are more expensive to unlock to any network, may not be available through a TrialPay exchange.

    Select the best offer which comes with a signup bonus.
    Now you have an account AND your phone’s unlock code! It’s win-win. I know it might even sound too good to be true but you will not find a better offer online anywhere to get your unlock code than this. Trust me. So fill in your name and email address, you will need to check your email for verification code once the transaction has been completed.
    You’ll be given a login to the website in which to submit your phone’s IMEI number so make sure you enter it correctly to avoid any delays. It’ll take anything up to 48 working hours to process but in most cases it’ll be less than 2 hours. When you get the unlock code emailed to you, please read through the instructions carefully to entering the code. Some phone models may vary but in 90% of the time its as simple as inserting a new SIM card, turning on the phone and entering the unlock code when prompted. And that’s it! Your phone will be unlocked to any GSM network worldwide. You’ll be able to use it abroad, switch service provider and you will also increase the phone’s release value as the demand for unlocked phones is much higher than a locked one. So thanks for watching, please subscribe to me for more videos and don’t forget to hit the share button below. I really appreciate it and I just hope I didn’t bore you too much. Like I said if there are any questions about this then leave a comment below. Bye bye!

    This is the simplest way to unlock your phone by IMEI number.


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