• BlackBerry Leap Review

    BlackBerry and their devices are about getting a job done properly and efficiently.

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    BlackBerry Leap

    A slab like design, this smartphone has a 5” screen that does not look out of place against the leading competition, but the squarer design is not as charming to hold as others, albeit a very solid phone. Capturing images and videos is simple but the images are not all that great with dark tones to the results, the positive side is that any audio captured is loud and clear from the rear mounted speaker. The OS is confusing, lacking some intuity, but very powerful for the business user if you take some time to understand it. BlackBerry Hub is very powerful and other manufacturers should take note. Touting best the best in class keyboard, the Leap is great for those who type a lot, the prediction and ease of input is superb. 4G connectivity is a bonus and means you can get things done quickly, but there is the option of WiFi which is especially useful when downloading apps from the Amazon app store that gives many of the big title apps a presence on a BlackBerry device. The battery easily lasts a working day, if not two for some but makes the handset fractionally heavier. All told, the Leap is a solid phone, built with efficiency and security in mind it, at a good price this has been built for business, not so much for social.

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