• Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Unboxing and Hands On

    I am very excited to do an unboxing of the 6th Generation Apple iPod Touch. The iPod Touch line is well overdue for a fresh because the last generation was released nearly three years ago. But fortunately, Apple still cares about the iPod Touch enough to release a new one this past Wednesday and here it is, fresh off of the UPS truck.


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    Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation


    So enough said let’s get into the packaging. So this is a clam shell style box I mean. I last saw this being used on the Iphone 5 but it’s not bad. I guess the benefit of using this packaging as opposed to the iPhone;s packaging is you can see through this clear window here so you can actually see the product. But it’s very simple. Here we have the iPod Touch and on the back here we have some information on the bottom and it says 16 gigabytes. And you can also get this in 32, 64 and 128 capacity options. So let’s go ahead and peel off some of the stickers, the seal here. Alright so now let’s lift up the cover and here it is. We have the iPod Touch 6th generation in its full glory. So let’s take it out of the box. This is what it looks like and it’s in this little carton thing so let me just pull it out. I want to take it off to show you guys around. This is the screen protector. Alright here we go finally. Alright screen protector is off. And this is the iPod touch.. This is the Blue version and this also have this in other colors silver, space grey, red, pink, and this blue one. My favorite color is Blue and that’s why I went with the Blue version. It feels very light. It’s only four inches the screen size so it’s not a very big device I mean it’s an iPod. On the back here, we have the 8 megapixel iSight camera dramatically improved over the last generation. Flash. iPod, the Apple logo. At the bottom here, we have the spear grill. we have the lightning port for charging, and then we have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack for plugging music device in. The volume buttons are right here. Power button at the top. So let’s set this aside and take a look at what else is inside the box. Designed by Apple in California. iPod touch, I guess this is a quick start guide giving you a brief overview of the product. iPod Touch infor and of course tow Apple stickers. Then we get our lightning cable actually a pretty cool way to coil a data cable. Pretty cool. And then we the Apple Earpods so you do get headphones included with the purchase of the iPod. So that’s all you get in the box and let’s set everything aside so I can boot up the iPod. Bring the iPod touch over. Hold the power button and hopefully there is some juice in this. And here we go. Our Apple boot up screen so let’s wait for that to finish and then we’ll go through the setup process together. Scroll. Let’s choose English. United States. And by the way this is only available in the United States for now but hopefully Apple can bring it over the next months to other regions as well. So let me just go ahead and connect to my WiFi network. Click on Join after we typed in our password. It may take a few minutes to activate your iPod. Enable Location services. Set up as new because I want a clean start. Set up as new iPod Touch. I’ll skip this step I’ll do this later. Don’t use. So i can just bring you guys to the home screen. Agree, I agree. Don’t passcode, I’ll add this later. Continue. Use Siri. Automatically send. Share with app developers. Welcome to iPod ok let’s get started. And here we go this is the home screen of the iPod Touch. And again this is very similar to the iPhone 6. it’s got the A8 processor same as the iPhone 6 and everything else is pretty much the same as regular iPhone 6. it runs iOs 8 and it’s jsut an iPhone 6 without the cellular bands.

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