• Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Review

    And Now, Ladies And Gentlemen, May I Proudly Present To You THE J review of the 2015 Apple iPod touch also known as the 6th generation iPod Touch.


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    Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation

    It’s the first iPod Touch Apple has announced in nearly three years. But the good news is we get some significant upgrades in the latest iPod compared to the last gen. So let’s begin with a tour of the hardware. We now have an 8 megapixel iSight camera same as the iPhone 6. Though this does not have a sapphire crystal lens cover so I’m pretty certain that the lens will get scratched up at some point down road, particularly when it’s protruding out similar to the iPhone’s camera. It also has a slightly smaller f/2.4 aperture compared to the iPhone so the pictures won’t be as good as the iPhone’s but then again I don’t really think anybody is buying this for the camera. The pictures taken are presentable and it’s more enough for sharing onto Instagram or social media but just don’t expect it to impress you. Video recording remains at 1080p resolution, but it’s limited to 30 frames per second. Next to the camera, we have the LED flash or backlight illumination according to Apple’s website whatever you want to call it. Speaking of the camera, let’s jump into the camera app and it’s pretty much identical to what you would find on an iPhone. Panorama, Time lapse, and slow motion, all of those features are present in the iPod as well. And then we have the Apple logo along the word iPod engraved underneath. And this black bar [ the WiFi antenna and also the Bluetooth receiver. The front facing camera aka the Facetime HD camera remains at 1.2 megapixel and it is capable of 720P[ HD video recording again it’s more than enough for apps like Skype or Facetime. At the bottom we get the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, next to that is the lighting port for charging and syncing, and also the speaker which is reasonably loud and you’ll have a chance to hear it later when I play some games to test performance. We have our home button which does not support Touch ID and therefore won’t support Apple pay. Nothing on the right spine and on the left spine you get the volume up and down keys. The Power is found on the top right. You’re getting a 4-inch, 1,136-by-640-pixel resolution IPS multi touch display with a pixel density of 326 ppi. And I have to say the screen is stunning and quite good in terms of color accuracy and vibrancy. It can get really bright so no issues under direct sunlight and it can also get very dim as well so I like that a lot. And after using 5.1 inch, 5.5 inch devices for awhile, it’s refreshing to come back to something that you can wrap your entire hand around and it’s nice to be able to do that. So the iPod is extremely pocket friendly and is also portable. One more thing to mention is that if you order the iPod from Apple.com, you can have them, engrave two lines of text on the back for free so that’s a nice touch to make the device feel more personal. Plus you get two day free shipping so I would just make this up online if you’re interested, it saves you a trip to the Apple store. On the software side of things, we get the familiar iOS home screen with standard built-in apps you would expect from Apple. This is running iOS 8.4 the greatest and latest version of iOS so that means Apple Music does come pre-installed out of the box. We can also slide up from the bottom that gives you access to the quick toggles. Spotlight search isn’t going anywhere. And of course Siri is part of the course as well. Since we’re on it already, let me just ask What is the size of Pluto? Not a bad answer, But anyways if you’re an Apple user you’ll yourself right at home. Battery is okay for an iPod Apple says you can get up to 8 hours of video playback So now let me just play a few games to test the gaming performance. Asphalt 8 should run relatively smooth due to the upgrades under the hood such as the A8 processor with M8 motion process and a gig of RAM now as opposed to 512MB of RAM in the last gen. So overall this is an excellent iPod, obviously the best iPod yet but for most I don’t think this is all that compelling since most people use their phone to listen to music, they don’t need a separate music player. But there is definitely a market for this too especially younger kids that want an Apple device at an affordable price of only $199, and also for people that want to get a taste of the iPhone experience for cheap and also for people that want to get their feet wet in the Apple Ecosystem. So I think there’s still market for this even though that market is shrinking. Let me know in the comment below on your thoughts about the new iPod touch. What do think of it? I would love to hear from you.

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